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Dubai is the tourism and commercial capital of the Arabian Gulf states, a fantastic fusion between East and West that combines ancient heritage and modern living. A vibrant and multicultural city where traditional wind towers stand proudly alongside towering skyscrapers and spectacular beach resorts. Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the Federation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and with its open business policies, is luring the world’s corporate giants to its shores.

A wealth of diverse attractions and popular tourist sites range from the authentic to the dazzlingly modern and with many unique sights to be seen.

Boasting some of the world’s most iconic projects and structures, Dubai is a beacon of excellence, demonstrating what can be achieved with vision and determination. Dubai has a world-class infrastructure with state-of-the-art telecommunications, emerging financial markets, dedicated sector-specific environments, schools and modern healthcare facilities. Superior shopping malls, extensive leisure & sporting facilities, luxurious accommodation & hospitality along with fine cuisine from around the world, combines to create the quintessential Dubai lifestyle.

For more details and recommendations for visiting Dubai, please visit the Dubai Tourism website where a host of both modern and traditional experiences await you.

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